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Portrete la comanda
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan

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„For a long series of artists, the surroundings of Mraconia-Dubova had and still has the same significance in the last 26 years as the Balcic had for the painters in the first half of the XX century. The light, the Danube, the mountains, the forests are different there, and this metamorphosis can be felt in the artistic field too. It seems like the painters themselves are different, they see better, and the good spirits of the place visit and inspire them.”

In a contemporary art where the abstract and the experimental resides mainly in exhibitional manifestations, the endeavor of Rubin Foundation toward the International Art Camp Mraconia-Dubova represents the wish of the Foundation to be involved in quality and valuable art promotion.

The International Art Camp Mraconia-Dubova is organized with the purpose of maintaining a multicultural platform for the experience exchange between artists from 5 countries (Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland) and to contribute to the artistic circuit of young artists and their both professional and personal development.

The imposing landscape mark of the area – The Danube Defile, remains one of the few places which never stop to amaze us through what it offers along each year. In just 10 days, each august, great works are born and will stand over the time, immortalizing the landscapes, the outstanding atmosphere and the stages of creation.
(...)”In recent times, art camps functioned at Tescani, Scânteia, Sălişte, Reghin, Teremia, Darova, Gărâna, Cenad. Among them, Mraconia-Dubova (...), which exists since a quarter of century, represents a special cultural landmark, a real art chapter, a chapter in itself.
Camp log, august 10 – Dubova, 2007 – IOAN IOVAN, art critic

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