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Portrete la comanda
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan
  • Portrete la comanda - Sorin Bijan
ACCESSART - Workshops and  Performance Festival

AccessArt Workshops and Performance Festival addresses the cultural dimensions of the urban context and investigates the relationship between esthetics and the daily urban life. Rubin Foundation intends to merge the concepts of studio-workshop, spectacle hall, exhibition and musical performance into an analytic instrument pointed at the rich and diverse interactions that create a link between art and the public. The project represents at the same time a way to showcase  the artistic phenomenon along the trajectory of each member of the public.

In a world where the notions of 'public' and 'private' are mixed up, the artists often use public spaces, privat appartments, public means of transport for shows and performances. Through this new spatial demarcation, the passer-by is no longer a passive bystander, he now has to interract and become an artist himself.



Concomitantly, the artistic intervention in a well defined public space with a strong personality gradates the historical tempo of the site and reaffirms its importance in a definite cultural range of the city.

‘The city as a scene/studio’ is an experiment. The public workshops are serving the entire community and through them we want to involve the citizens in the process of cultural development of the city. The festival is at the same time a platform and a motivation for young artists by encouraging the ideas exchange among different artistic environments.


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